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Few Tricks on How to Shoot High-Glossy Subjects

Few Tricks on How to Shoot High-Glossy Subjects

This is one of the final images delivered to the client:

Gold cosmetic brush set, hi-end tabletop photography final image


If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably recognized Anisa International product, since we’ve worked on many shots for them. Cosmetic brushes one of my favorite (after the liquid :-)) subjects, as they are very nice looking and yet are always challenging subject for a product photographer.  Let’s see the lighting setup:

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Camera gear:

Lighting, light modifiers and accessories:

13 responses on "Few Tricks on How to Shoot High-Glossy Subjects"

  1. Excellent tutorial, thank you. But could you create a tutorial for this http://photigy.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/cosmetic-hi-end-product-photography-by-koloskov.jpg. How I get perfect white bacround with the perfect silver and platinum sharp color. Thank you your the best…

  2. Great work Alex. Your approach is fantastic. Since you are explaining light setups for reflective surfaces then May I suggest the chrome plated Bath fittings (Taps) as the next project. Since taps have variable curvature and highly reflective, it will be interesting to see your master approach to light that.

  3. Great Shot Alex! Did you have to edit the background to change it to white?


  4. Thanks so much for sharing this Alex. Great tutorial and spec step by step.


  5. Wow, this post is amazing. Thats one sweet set-up you have there. I am shooting more and more product these days, I will be taking all this on board when i shoot shiny things.


  6. Excellent shoot Alex, I would be very happy to see post-production process :P. It is very common that we all I fighting reflections and most people find them very hard to control so, here they have an example and each of us can learn from it as well as take it a little bit further. It is a very good start point to develop skills with reflections. Many thanks for your time Alex :], have a good one!

  7. It’s great tutorial Alex.
    realy usefull and excellent result.

  8. Very interesting tutorial Alex!!
    And the result, as always, perfect.
    I would like to ask you a question:
    We’re used to use flash with honeycomb grids and diffiusers.
    Why in this case use barn doors instead of honeycomb?
    The gradiant would not be able to create with grids?
    Τhank you very much

    Marios Karampalis
    Athens, Greece

    • Marious,
      Thank you. With barndoors I can get linear gradient on the diffuser, while honeycomb will give me only circular.. I often use honeycomb + barndoors to get what I need – it may be circular (doors opened) or linear (closed to a gap)

  9. As always… Very nice final images Alex! So informative to read your descriptions and see the lighting set ups you’ve used to achieve your goals for a given image. This might be a silly question, but I’ll go for it anyway.

    When a client, any client, brings a group of products into your studio, I assume they give you some kind of general direction as to what type of image their looking for and the rest is left up to you. I suspect that varies by client as some would be very specific about what they want in terms of composition, lighting or the “Feel” of the finished image, and others might just turn you loose to do your thing.

    What is your process for designing a shot, and how might that process change with more or less direction provided by the client?

    Your efforts to share your passion and expertise are very much appreciated Alex!

    Take care,


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