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Behind The Shot: Dynamic Rockport Shoe Shot – Sand as an Alternative to Fluids?

Behind The Shot: Dynamic Rockport Shoe Shot – Sand as an Alternative to Fluids?

Product photography tutorial: Behind the Scene of the Rockport Shoe Shot

 a behind the scenes look and product photography tutorial by Photigy contributor  Paul Whittingham

product photography tutorial by Paul Wiittingham

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Canon 5D

Canon 100mm f2.8 macro (Non IS version)

15′  remote shutter release cable


Einstein E640 (x3)

7″ reflectors (x2) with 10 and 30 degree grids

10″ x 36″  stripbox


Manfrotto Boom arm

Various light stands

12′ x 9′ black fabric sheet

Tre-D  3 – way adjustable arm

14 responses on "Behind The Shot: Dynamic Rockport Shoe Shot - Sand as an Alternative to Fluids?"

  1. really cool….. i got to try this…… well done.. great results.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiments. these articles encourage us to subscribe and buy your guides.
    I have one question, from a professional point of view, will a NON macro 100 mm lens change the result?
    what is the idea of using a macro lens for a big subject “shoe” in this tutorial.

    • Hatem, the choice of lens was purely to give a greater working distance between the camera and the shoe. I found the 100mm lens (which happened to be a macro) suitable for the task because I didn’t want the camera – and especially the lens covered in sand. The same issues obviously arise with fluids unless you can surround the camera with a protective sheet etc.

  3. Super!!! This I must try…do you have any video tutorials?

  4. love the tutorial paul very interesting.

  5. very cool results. Thank you for sharing the highs and lows of the shoot. I like how you were already thinking about how to improve the next time you did this. This was pretty creative problem solving.

  6. Cheers guys, this was a fun shoot.
    @Charles I only used about 2Kg of sand altogether, so it wasn’t too bad once the water drained away and I just scooped up what was left.

  7. Great concept and shot Paul. Thanks for sharing your experience with a new material to use in our shooting. How hard was after shot sand clean-up? easier or harder than water spill? on the floor, not the image!
    Now you make me think of combining sand & water or better still, sand and bright colored liquid.

  8. Amazing ! This is my next test :)

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