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Tutorial of Retouching of a Whisky Bottle: From Plain to Dramatic look

Tutorial of Retouching of a Whisky Bottle: From Plain to Dramatic look

In this tutorial you will learn how the image of Whisky Bottle for Pro Corner Challenge #1 was created

Before and After Image by Ilya Plotnikov

Chivas Regal - StartChivas Regal - Final

Video tutorial of how this image was created

6 responses on "Tutorial of Retouching of a Whisky Bottle: From Plain to Dramatic look"

  1. You’re very welcome, Darius. I totally get you. Sometimes you don’t even know if it’s you doing something wrong or there’s a bug in the software or you’ve got different version of software or the tutorial author made a mistake. I remember how I could stuck for hours not knowing what to do if I had nobody to ask what was the problem. By the way you might be interested in the upcoming course of Rob Andrew about food photography. You’ve got a huge advantage in this area since you’ve worked as a chef. Sometimes food styling is 90% of the final result.

  2. Hi Ilya,
    Please could you let me know how you create that curve on the whisky bottle, it’s the one you use the marquee tool to create layer 2 of your 1 – 3 number layer, am try to create the same with a rum bottle of the same but stuck on that part of the bottle.

    thank you for all the help


    • Hi Darius! You mean Curves? It’s in Image/Adjustments/Curves

      • Hi Ilya,
        thank you for the speedy reply. what I was asking about is when you use the marquee tool to select the small part of the whisky bottle which was place in the path panel and you name it number 2 in the layers panel, I would like to know how you convert the bottom part part from a line to a curve.

        if your watch tutorial you will see there was one part of the bottle missing and you create it with the marquee tool, am very sorry for the misunderstanding and thank you for all the help.


        • You probably mean Warp. In order to use it you’d need to hit Ctrl+T (or Cmd+T), which is free transform, then right click and choose Warp.

          • Thank you it’s was a great help, i have only just started out as a photographer,after working as a chef for many year which can to end with a motor bike accident, I am looking to make my new career in product, food and food stylist photographer. also like to start retouching. it wonderful to have help when we get stuck with out it costing lots of cash. like to thank you for all the help. and hope one day to be as good as you.

            thank you again


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