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Using Artificial Ice In Advertising Photography: BTS of an Ice Tea Shot

Using Artificial Ice In Advertising Photography: BTS of an Ice Tea Shot

Hello, my name Aleksandr Vlassyuk, a photographer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I studied graphic arts at university, and have worked more than 10 years as a graphic designer.
Photography had been my hobby since childhood, and it become a passion when I created a small photography studio.
I enjoy advertising photography as well as landscape, portrait and wedding photography and I shoot a lot for photo stock agencies such as shutterstock.com

Using Artificial Ice In Advertising Photography: Ice Cold Teas


In this BTS you’ll learn how I created this image:

Using Artificial Ice In Advertising Photography


While working on this assignment I got the idea to shoot bottled products partially frozen in the ice for a summer visual advertising piece.
After negotiations with the client, I went to my studio and I began to ponder how to implement the conceived idea. First I decided to try to do it with actual ice.

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16 responses on "Using Artificial Ice In Advertising Photography: BTS of an Ice Tea Shot"

  1. Thanks for sharing the walk through Alexandr, the shot looks great and its a wonderful alternative to setting items in ice. I used Encapso (actually I think it was something similar) a long time back for a display item, (no photography involved back then) but I just completely encased the item in a block. I’d never have thought it could produce such a good fake ice result! Definitely something I’ll remember for future use. :)

  2. Fabulous ! Just great…thank you for sharing this :-)

  3. Stunning processing with magical lighting and super focus …. !

  4. Alex,

    Thank you for taking the time to put together this BTS.


  5. Thanks for a great tutorial, very well written and easy to follow. Plus, of course a great shot!

  6. Thanks for sharing, amazing work!

  7. Thanks Alexandr.
    This is a very concise and easy to follow explanation.
    I am impressed with how much goes into something that looks so natural!

  8. This is fantastic. I was wondering what materials I might use for that kind of ice display if I ever needed it. That helps a lot. Thanks so much!

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