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iPhone vs Hasselblad:

Are you still thinking about buying a new camera?

One of the photos below came from a Hasselblad camera and medium format digital back and another from an iPhone 5S. Which one?

iPhone vs Hasselblad

Here is the lighting setup for the iPhone:

iPhone vs Hasselblad

and the Hasselblad H1 with Leaf Aptus digital back:


This shot was captured with the iPhone:


It had some post-production (a video will be posted later), itโ€™s usual for any studio shots we do.
To make thing clean, here is the unprocessed, un-sharpened 100% crop of the iPhone 5s shot:


The iPhone has a wider lens than the one I had on the Hasselblad (120mm HC macro), and it is evident. However, the image quality at web size is almost as good as the one from the Hasselblad.


What is the conclusion?

Enjoy your camera and learn how to get 110% out of it’s capabilities before upgrading it ๐Ÿ™‚
~Alex Koloskov


For the reference: this this below was done using Cambo Ultima D view camera with wide angle lens and Leaf Aptus DB. See how different this glass looks like, on the corrected perspective distortions with tilt/shift movements.

iPhone vs Hasselblad

More about this shot:

Getting Creative in Product Photography: Video Tutorial of how to photograph smoke

Lighting I’ve used for the shot:

Entry-Level LED Lighting for Studio

iPhone 645Pro camera application:

iPhone vs Hasselblad


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