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Wenbo Zhao

3D Artist, photographer

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Wenbo Zhao is a certified professional photographer living in Sydney, Australia with a Masteral degree in Art of Photography. He is a 3D Artist and the founder of Wenbo Zhao Photography studio, where they provide a high-quality product CGI that helps E-Commerce businesses to launch their products successfully. He’s also been teaching photography on his Youtube with thousands of followers, where he was able to share his knowledge in photography.

It is such an honor to us and we are proud to share his work as a part of this featured interview.

CGI-Photography-with-NARS-By-Wenbo-Zhao-SydneyHow long have you been a photographer/CGI/Retoucher (hobbyist or professional)?

Over a decade as a hobbyist, working professional photographer for five years, and three years as a 3D artist. 

Is it your profession (part-time or full-time) or are you still learning?

I am a full-time product photographer/3D artist right now, I have been running my photography business since 2019 in Sydney. I used to live in the United States since 2008 and had my photography master’s degree finished from the Academy of Art University before immigrating to Australia.

I am also teaching and sharing my CGI knowledge on Youtube since last year August.
I am aiming to hit 10K subscribers by the end of the year 2022.


What made you decide to pursue product photography?

Before I decided to pursue product photography, I have tested much different photography genres. However, the product photography is the most technical photography genre that is difficult to master including lighting, styling, and post-processing, which I really enjoy learning and problem solving.

It can be pretty boring if only doing catalog product photography using a white background, so I am looking after the high-end creative product photography, which is often used for advertising and commercial branding.

When you first got started, what did you find to be the most challenging?

Lighting, absolutely lighting! The second is post-processing in Photoshop.


What specialty in product photography interests you the most (beverage, food, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.)?

Cosmetics and jewelry.

Why did you start teaching what makes you think that you are a good instructor?

I have gone through the complete process of learning digital photography through art school and learning online. I fully understand the pain points of learning product photography as a beginner. With my knowledge and years of experience, I am able to help more beginners to learn product photography/CGI in a pleasing and effective way.

Also, helping others to learn photography is much bigger than self-fulfillment in my professional career. Teaching will be able to connect with more creatives in the industry.

How did you first learn about Photigy? Did it help you to become a professional?

I am always looking for great educational resources to uplift my photography skills and get new inspirations. I actually had enrolled in Photigy’s jewellery photography course a few years ago. Alex is the master of this photography genera, I had picked up some great tips on lighting jewellery and some techies in retouching. All of these Photigy pro courses are really helpful, not just for beginners.


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