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Become Photigy Instructor

And grow your influence as an expert

Benefits of being an instructor on Photigy:

  • Your name, your work, and your website get exposure to over 600,000 people interested or involved with photography
  • You keep 60% of commissions from your course sales
  • Unlimited access to all educational materials on Photigy
  • We advertise your course to a wide audience across our social networks and via direct emails
  • Photographers that become our instructors gain up to twice more requests from potential clients. Everyone want to work with an expert!

What is expected of Photigy’s instructor:

  • Subject matter knowledge
  • Being passionate about your work
  • Desire and willingness to help others to succeed
  • Responding to students’ inquiries promptly
  • Actively participating in course-related discussions
  • Being respectful

Unlike the other courses/classes available on the web, where after watching a video you’re on your own, Photigy instructors are here to help, even after the completion of the course.

To be an instructor on Photigy means an ongoing interaction with your students. Offering assistance and support during and after they’ve completed the course… Helping them to learn.

Apply to be a Photigy Instructor

  • Where we can see your work
  • What are you going to teach?

Photigy Instructors

Alex Koloskov

Genia Larionova

Genia Larionova

Andrey Mikhaylov

Andrey Mikhaylov


Vadim Chiline


Timothy Kou


Max Plotnikov


Alexander Chaptykov

Marios Karampalis

Marios Karampalis

Aexandr Vlassyuk

Alexandr Vlassyuk


Aron Czapiewski

Ilya Plotnikov

Ilya Plotnikov


Rob Andrew


What does a typical Photigy course look like?

Great question! A typical Photigy course has 1-3 hours of video content. Every unit is about 10-30 minutes long.

Browse our courses here: Premium Studio Photography Courses

What is Photigy's traffic report looks like?

We have over 20,000 active registered users on Photigy.com and about 3,000 unique visitors each day.

Here is a snapshot of the traffic report for last year:

Are there any costs associated with creating a course on Photigy?

Nope! Creating a course is entirely free for our instructors and there are never any maintenance fees.

How should I price my course?

It depends on the course. We’ll be glad to help you find the right price point for your course. Most courses on Photigy are priced between $29 – $385.

How long are students able to access my course?

Once your course is purchased, the student has access to all the materials indefinitely, just like an on-demand channel!

What does Photigy do to promote my course?

We do our best to make sure your course gets the exposure it deserves. Our marketing team will promote your content via the social media accounts (with a total of 2.5 million followers), blog posts, and direct emails. However, we also encourage the instructors to be active and participate in this process.

What type of equipment (camera, microphone, software, etc.) do I need to create an online course?

We have an online course for our instructors that will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Are there any standards or requirements for the content I will be posting?

Yes. There are 3 important standards to keep in mind:

  • Course should contain minimum 30 minutes of content with at least 60% being video.
  • Course needs to be straight forward and well structured.
  • Audio and video must be clear and high-definition quality.

Photigy reviews all courses published on Photigy.com to make sure they meet our standards of quality.

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