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An insider look at photography business: Interview with Bill Cramer, CEO of Wonderful Machine

An insider look at photography business: Interview with Bill Cramer, CEO of Wonderful Machine

How to reach a potential art buyer? What are the best ways to promote your photography? What is the best strategy on bidding for a project?

– you’ll find answers on  these questions and much more on Photigy exclusive interview with Bill Cramer.

We are pleased to announce that Photigy will be collaborating with Wonderful Machine, a company that helped hundreds of photographers to meet with: art buyers, ad agencies, publishers, etc.

Wonderful Machine  editors will help fortify best photographers to create a portfolio to the world’s highest standards by providing portfolio review services for selected members of Photigy (I’ll tell you later about this).

Below is online interview with Wonderful Machine CEO and founder Bill Cramer.

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Some of the questions that we discussed with Bill Cramer

Do agencies and the hiring companies look for the photographer’s previous paid work before hiring or are they happy to use a portfolio of images from unpaid work as a guide to the photographer’s skill?

Not so many photographers have own studios and they are in a market as a sole professional. How it affects ad agency when choosing a photographer? Do you recommend to work in some studio or enough to develop own professionalism and personal name?


Is it more important to show good a solid technique or show that you’re creative and can produce unique images of everyday products?
What are most of your clients looking for? Versatility, Creativeness, reliability, technical know-how.

What is your definition of specializing?
How important is CGI training and production going to be in the near future in your opinion?
How important is it to be able to offer video production services as well as stills for product clients?
How many images would you recommend to have in an online portfolio/website?


Is the photographers/business image (perception of the professionalism/size of studio, equipment owned, ) more important than final image shown in the portfolio or delivered to clients?
What percentage of Studios/photographers are offering other service, other than still photography?
How important is your Studio location to a customer? Same city?, Same region?, Same Country?, etc.


What do you need for the clients to see you as a professional?
Equipment needed?
History of paid work?
Studio not in your house?
Portfolio showing top notch work?
Fulltime compared to part-time?
How important is sensor size of the equipment you use to offer your service?
Cropped vs Full frame
Full frame vs Medium format
If you have a quality portfolio is that enough to get quality clients?


How would someone that is fairly new to the business make themselves stand out in the market?

If there is a particular question you have for professionals from Wonderful Machine that was not covered during the interview, please post it on this forum topic: Questions for Wonderful Machine

All questions will be answered by Wonderful Machine editors.

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