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How to get a real shadow on white background without Photoshop

This video will be interesting for anyone how want to create shots as you can see below. It’s short and stick to the point. With this technique you can easily shoot many objects and keep constant distance. Or you can create complex composite image by shooting everything separetely.

Andrey Mikhaylov

Article by Andrey Mikhaylov

Real shadow on white background without Photoshop

Final Image

Few links where you can buy lighting

2400W Red Head Light Redhead Continuous Light Kit

800w Photo Studio Continuous Red Head Light


Godox 1000W

New 1000W QL-1000 Photo

The main advantage of Godox is that you can attach different light modifiers to this unit.

Make sure that you buy a right set. All units should have ring between body and barndoors  to prevent overheating.

Another variation. You can try to insert an official screen from Apple if you dare.

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4 responses on "How to get a real shadow on white background without Photoshop"

  1. Privet Andrey!
    What do you think about Godox SL 100W 2400LUX Studio LED or JINBEI EF 100
    They also have a 200W LED.

    • Hey Roman! LED is way better then any halogen light (of course I’m not talking about professional lighting for film production) in terms of power consumption and heating. Color temperature will be more stable on LED I guess. Probably those units which you mentioned don’t become super hot during shooting as Red Head. Godox and Jinbei have bowens bayonet, so there’s no problem to attach light mods to them and it’s very important feature if you want to shoot serious stuff. But as I saw from one of review on YouTube Godox is pretty noisy because of fans. Price is also incomparable with Red Head.
      You should decide for yourself do you want to shoot with constant light all the time or not and then take a decision, that’s my opinion.

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