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How to make fake ice

for product photography

In this How to make fake ice for product photography tutorial (video is on top of the page) I am going to show you how to create fake ice for product photography. This will very useful for product photographers and it will save you a lot of money.
So, if you are ever trying to shoot any cocktails, anything that involves ice, you know what I’m talking about, right? Professional photographers use fake ice to style beverage photography in all sorts of commercial jobs.

Examples of using fake acrylic ice in product photography

by Photigy instructors and students


Such acrylic ice looks amazing inside the glass and we use it a lot in our school when we do workshops. However, there are two problems with it:
First of all, it’s the price. High quality ice costs about 40 dollars a piece. This is how much we are paying for it.
And the second one, you cannot really modify it. You cannot change the shape, because it’s a high quality hard resin.

However, there is a solution. We’ve start using it for a while on our recent Pro Club workshops. The latest one was the workshop, well, this is the last pieces that we have leftover, where we’re shooting this vodka. Check out, there is a free tutorial called “Advertising Beverage Photography: Vodka on Ice” published lately.

This flexible and easy to modify ice is made from these two-component resin called, Encapso K. You mix two parts of it, and in 24 hours, you get out a clear and easy to crush resin. It’s clear, it looks beautiful. It’s so easy to modify and it forms beautiful shapes like real ice. And you can shoot cocktails with it, you can do whatever you want. You can change the shape, it doesn’t get any coloring in it.

t’s easy to wash it and what’s even cooler, you can make with this ice, you can crush it into almost like a powder and make that sweating bottles with little droplets, like we’ve been shooting for the Proclub workshop “Creative cocktail photography“. 

This is an awesome ay to make DIY fake ice for any product photographer. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. 

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That was a great session today.  I’m so happy I found Photigy and Pro Corner.  Before I started this, I was only mildly interested in product/still life photography but always have been interested in broadening my photographic skills and knowledge.  I’ve found that I really like this type of photography and am very grateful for your instruction and critiques.

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