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Studio Photography Insights: shooting liquid, glass and more!

Thank you for everyone who joined us yesterday and who submitted cocktail assignment. Special thank you goes to¬†+Bill Cahill¬†who joined us and gave insights of his photography techniques as well as sharp critique:-) I like it this way: constructive and without too much of “softening”.

We also did a little shoot on a second half of the hangout, where I’ve showed some of basics of how to create nice reflection on the glass using minimum resources:-)

This is one of the shots I did during a little demonstration on the hangout. The main reason for the shot was to explore technique of shooting glass using minimal numbers of lights (here was 3 strobes), as well as how to create gradient reflection on the glass with sharp edge (left on the glass).

studio photography insights example shot by  alex koloskov

Weekly Studio Assignment Results

[scrollGallery id=7]

Corresponded forum thread with the lighting setups and discussions: Forum.  Our Google plus page: Studio Photography Insights

The video from a hangout. 

The next week assignment is:

A Shoe(s). Not a catalog-like,plain shot of a shoe, but a telling travel story image of a shoe. And please no more words on the composition: let image speak itself. Submission thread: Telling story shoe.

Have a good weekend my friends!

2 responses on "Studio Photography Insights: shooting liquid, glass and more!"

  1. I love learning from your videos. Great stuff. What do you think about the style of this photographer?

    I think it is top shelf work. Could you show how to do it?

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