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101 Ways to Improve Your Jewelry Photography: Critique and Review with Vadim Chiline

Personal Review and Critique with Vadim Chiline

This is a recorded Photigy LIVE critique and review session with our Jewelry Photography Expert, photographer Vadim Chiline.

Vadim is a Photographer and Creative Director at EpicMind Studio (www.epicmind.com)

This event is a part of interactive Professional Photography Education program called Pro Corner.

Submissions For The Review and Critique

Online Review and Critique Video

Every submission for the assignment receives such feedback. Learn more about Photigy Pro Corner interactive program below:

Pro Corner Membership Required

To watch this video, please login or join Pro Corner

Pro Corner is an Interactive photography learning program oriented for professional photographers

Hi there,
I am speechless. The critique Videos are simply amazing. Vadim’s latest critique was a real bonus! I’m just wondering if there’s a possibility they can be done on a different day. I’d love to join them but Friday afternoon wouldn’t work for me.

I really spend a lot of time learning from your videos, whenever I purchase something I can only wonder how much easier it would be if I’d buy it sooner.

Thank you so much for all that you do!


– This was a feedback from one of Photigy Pro Corner photographers about this webinar. Awesome to hear!

3 responses on "101 Ways to Improve Your Jewelry Photography: Critique and Review with Vadim Chiline"

  1. Amazing!!! Thank you soooo much Alex and Vadim

  2. This was really amazing! Thank you so much!

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