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20 Amazing liquid desktop wallpapers for all devices, including Retina displays

Looking to update your computer/phone/tablet with a fresh new look?

We have these twenty amazing high-speed liquid photos that we turned into a wallpapers gallery for your PC/Mac (including the new MAcBook Pro with retina display), Ipad/iPhone and Android devices.

Each of these images are my shots, and each was worked on for hours, sometimes days, to get them the way I needed. Besides the effort to create such beautiful images, I left a piece of my soul in each. I’d like to make sure that each download of this gallery is not just downloaded and forgotten. For this reason, I’ve set the price at a low $1.99 .

Why do I ask such a low price you may be wondering? I chose to sell these amazing photos for an incredible price to give everyone the chance to have a piece of art on their devices.

20 Liquid Wallpapers for all devices, including Retina displays 

Liquid Wallpapers



Help Donate to a Great Cause

Also, I have decided to give financial help to people who need it by donating 50% of the profits of this wallpaper set to Kiva.org: In my opinion, what they do is the best way to support those in need. Instead of just donating money with no exact purpose, Kiva loans money to those who need the money to help grow or start a business. The great thing about Kiva is they give a possibility for people who otherwise have no financial means to start a business, but have the motivation and what it takes to get it off the ground. Investing, versus just giving, is the best way to motivate people to work and to escape from poverty.

We discovered Kiva¬†from Trey Ratcliff’s blog, and his experience¬†working¬†with Kiva is proof of how effective charity can be.

The other 50% of the sales of this wallpaper set will be re-invested into Photigy.com. Photigy is 100% supported by studio photography enthusiasts, and uses these resources  to grow and expand: We have so many great ideas!

So, that being said: half of the money will go to the Kiva Photigy Project and the other half will go back into Photigy to help expand this community.

To visualize the amount of money raised for Kiva, I’ve added a realtime counter on how much money has been raised so we can see the progress:

[showTransactionTotal item=”wallpapers”]

The counter gets updated after each transaction, and you can increase it right now:
[EJUNKIE_ADD2CART item=”wallpapers-1″]

Now, the wallpapers:

The set of wallpaper  images will be provided in four different formats to fit most of the devices:

  • Retina displays of newest Mac laptops and iPad 3: 2880×1800 px;
  • For iPad 3 (retina display) and future hi-res tablets: 2048×1536 px
  • Older Mac/s PC displays: 1920×1200 px;
  • Android¬†and iPhone 1024×1024 px;

This is how they look when applied on my 17” Macboo pro:


I have aloso installed them on my iphone and took few screenshots:


For $1.99 you’ll get a full set of resolutions, meaning you can have the same style walpapers on all of¬†your¬†devices, all applied with highest possible¬†resolution. The package is a zip archive and you’ll need to install wallpapers to your devices yourself. Even if you have never done so, it is pretty easy to learn how to do it:

Ready? Here is the magic button:

[EJUNKIE_ADD2CART item=”wallpapers-1″]

Copyright note: The images can be only used as wallpapers for personal use only. For commercial use please contact us to discuss. Thank You.

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