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Creative Nail Polish (Pro Photo Challenge #2) – Critique and Review

Creative Nail Polish (Pro Photo Challenge #2) – Critique and Review

Below are the submissions we received and reviewed during our online critique session on Photigy LIVE.

Each submission below was reviewed by Vadim Chiline and improvements were suggested.

You can view each submitted image on the Pro Corner forum topic here:

CHALLENGE  #2 (Note: you must be logged in to your Pro Club account to access this forum)

Critique & Review, and winner selection webinar

Host(s): Alex Koloskov and Vadim Chiline

Pro Club Membership Required

To to view this BTS please login or join Pro Club

Winner of the Pro Club Challenge #2 - best image

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!
First Place Challenge winner

First Place Рphoto by Nicklas Bågvinge

Creative Cosmetics by Nicklas Bågvinge

Submissions to the challenge

Instructor's Hero Shot For This Challange

Vadim Chiline photography

5 responses on "Creative Nail Polish (Pro Photo Challenge #2) - Critique and Review"

  1. Is Vadim’s image taken with each nail polish and composite them in photoshop? I only see video of members submission and did not see instructor’s video. Looks like the gradient on middle top cap is a separate shot. I’m just trying to shoot something similar and I grouped all together but lighting is almost impossible to reach each one nicely, in the end, too difficult to do post edit for a good look. I guess I will have to re-shoot as individual and composite in post…..

  2. Can studio basic members watch this critique and review video?

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