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Liquid and Splash Photography Inspirational photos

Unusual liquid and splash photography for your inspiration

This post is a follow up for recent Liquid Photography webinar I have attended few weeks ago.

There are infinite ways to shoot liquids with high speed flashes or strobes using techniques described in the webinar. In this post we want to show you how a transparent object can shape the water making it look like there’s no object – just the water in¬†the shape of the object.

Hope it will give you some creative ideas.

Here’s a post where Bill explains how he made¬†that ‘liquid shirt’ shot. Basically he used¬†a clear acrylic mannequin bust and composed several¬†individual splashes into the final result.

When you splash liquid on something clear, the plastic disappears and leaves the shape of the object” – he explains.

Here’s a link to the interview with Bill where he talks about this and many other of his awesome shots:¬†http://www.workbook.com/blog/6187

Another example of the same approach can be found in work of a French photographer Jean Berard who is located in Mexico City. He uses transparent jars to shape the water

Pretty cool stuff.

How about some jewelry made out of¬†water? Here’s some ideas for you

This shot was made by Thomas Mark Jensen

You can find this image on www.500px:

In one of his comments to the photo Mark shares how he made it:

It is a long balloon filled with water, tied around the model. In my right hand i held my camera, left hand i had a stick with a needle taped to it.

Then it was all about timing and a little bit of luck.

White backdrop 2 meters behind the model, and a 41 cm beautydish on Elinchrom RX 600 triggered by PW TT1 on camera and PW ST4 on the Elinchrom.

If you live in the US the easiest way to get a pack of long balloons is probably from Party City.

Another picture in the same vein by Eric Raeber – a photographer from San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in conceptual portraiture and dance photography

And to wrap things up here’s a few photographs from the famous ‘Water Wigs‘ project by Tim Tadder

Tim shares an amazing video where he records the process of taking these images¬†and revealing some how-to’s:

OK – that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed it and had some ideas for your own photography

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