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How To Setup Studio for Halloween Party: Photographer’s way to run the show

This year (traditionally) we hosted Halloween celebration at our studio. Joshua Geiger was helping me on the shot and we recorded this video about one hour before first guest showed up. As you’ll see on the video, I the idea was to create a dramatic lighting for the scene: dark all around with vivid and bright characters on the stage.

I am not a big fun of dead/bloody stuff (being vegetarian suggests:-), and we created a different look for our Halloween. See yourself, hope my explanation on how we setup studio photography lighting will help to pickup something new:-)


How To Setup Studio Photography Lighting for Halloween

How To Setup Studio Photography Lighting for Halloween


   In the Gearbox

Few shots from the photo-set are below. Because we had so many people around, and many of them were between age of 3 and 6, it was extremely hard to concentrate on the shot. Now I can see that not everything went the way I wanted, especially composition-wise (things like that cage with the light on top of a head), but it was a pure fun to shoot.

We got what we wanted: spent a good time with friends, had fun and captured great memories.


My beautiful lady, Genia Larionova



This is one of the test shots with a mic on :-)



Arguing a little… 




I am always doubtful :-)




 A drama is going to happen soon… (these guys are from SOLO Drama school)



A Happy man:-)



Serious guys got serious ladies:-)



Here is how to set white balance for a studio photography: use a grey card and scream out loud: camera will pickup both signals:)

How To Setup Studio Photography lighting white balance

P.S  Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. ~Elbert Hubbard

3 responses on "How To Setup Studio for Halloween Party: Photographer's way to run the show"

  1. Hi Alex:
    Again you have taken some great protrait shots at Halloween, with inspirational studio set-ups! Just showing you can photograph anything, so keep the great work up!!

  2. That was different, looks like you had loads of fun.
    It is nice to see that you are not restricted to just product photography, it shows that you can photograph anything.
    It’s funny really the person I bought the hassy off said he can only shoot landscaped, says he didn’t know how to shoot anything else.
    I loved this it gave me a few ideas.
    Oh by the way, you definitely were looking your best in this video, nice outfit, it could become a trent. LOL

  3. Hi Alex:
    I love what you did for Halloween, you are a very creative photographer. Thanks for share with us your experience and your work. You motivate me to keep taking pictures.

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