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Windows 8 on a tablet PC: hands-on review of Acer W500 tablet running Win8

A day ago, I installed Windows 8 developer edition (it’s free from Microsoft) on my Acer W500 tablet PC (more about it¬†here).

In general I’ve liked my win-based tablet PC, but with Windows 7 some of the tasks were not easy to deal with on a touchscreen. Plus, it was considerably slower than most of the laptops. But now with Windows 8 it runs much faster and has become more convenient to use. Here’s a short video for you:

 As you see, applications like Lightroom run with no issues on Windows 8. I am going to install the rest of the programs I need (full Canon suite one of them) and will get back to you with another report.

For now, some of the¬†screen-shots¬†I’ve got¬†right¬†from the tablet:

Windows 8 Metro UI start menu:

windows 8 on a tablet pc screenshot
windows 8 on a tablet pc screenshot


 Windows 8 desktop (much like win 7) with setting pop-up panel



 Windows 8 keyboard split for two hand typing while holding the tablet:

windows 8 on tablet pc screenshot keyboard
windows 8 on tablet pc screenshot keyboard


This is how copy/extract or install operation looks like now:



This is the standard Windows 8 RSS Feed reader. Looks nice!

windows 8 on tablet pc  rss feed reader
windows 8 on tablet pc rss feed reader


The bottom line:

Yet another time I found how interesting life could be when I do not follow the herd and do what I feel will be the best for me. ¬†I’ve been told many times about how bad Windows tablets are comparing to Android devices or iPads, and now I have such a cool toy to play with that the “real” tablets just looks like boring e-book readers to me:-)


7 responses on "Windows 8 on a tablet PC: hands-on review of Acer W500 tablet running Win8"

  1. I try to install windows 8 in my tab, but I can not find instruction how to do it. I have Lenovo ThinkPad tablet with Andorid 3.1, Can you help me please.
    Thank You.

  2. Unfortunately by the time Windows 8 hits the market the Windows Tablets that will be made available will be Metro UI only and won’t give you access to the full Windows install. Which means only Metro apps will run. This is because the new Windows Tablets will be thin and light devices to compete with the iPad and Android tablet devices. They won’t be what you have come to know as the Windows Tablet which are basically laptops with no keyboard oriented in a tablet form factor.

    • Carl,
      Interesting info, never heard about it. Will wait, it is not much time left… while I ma enjoying Win8 dev edition. So far it is as stable as my desktop – no issues at all.
      Thank you

    • @Carl Hancock,

      Thats not true. Only ARM based tablets will be limited to Metro UI only, any tablets with an x86/x64 CPU, such as the current Iconia W500, will be able to take advantage of the full version of Windows 8.

  3. Thanks for the review. I found it very useful.

    Finally, MS has something to compete with Apple in the tablet arena. It’s good news to us, the consumers.


  4. I too have installed win 8 on my Acer W500.
    My “Ink Pad” is not functioning, what about yours?

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