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What is Pro-Corner and how does it work?


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Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

~Lao Tzu

What Pro-Corner Has to Offer

Access to private consultations and portfolio reviews

portfolio_review_iconHaving a portfolio for a photographer is an essential part of self-representation. Your portfolio can get you new business clients or it can also push them away. If you already have a portfolio or are working to set one up and have images you are thinking about including, group of experienced professional photographers and instructors give you  valuable feedback on your work and suggested areas for improvement.

Photigy LIVE monthly online workshops and in-studio hangouts

webinar_iconEvery month we host Online Photigy Live Workshops.

Go behind the scenes and get access to the Live Stream right from Alex’s studio. Students watch and participate in the workshop via chat from remote locations (broadband connection is required). This is a great way to learn commercial studio photography, and hundreds of photographers have already taken advantage of the Photigy Live learning program.

Assignments, critique, and review of your shots.

assignments_iconAssignments enhance the learning process and enable you to putting your knowledge and skills to work.

Each submitted image is individually reviewed by Alex Koloskov via LIVE broadcast and the entire review session is recorded and published on the site for future reference. Usually we have a new assignment every 2 – 3 weeks.

We put several options for next assignments on a table and the most appealing one is picked via poll on To participate in our assignments, online workshops, and critique-and-review sessions, you will need to be a Pro-Corner member.

An example video from one of the Pro-Corner Assignment critique-and-review sessions:

In-depth tutorials and behind the scene videos

learn_iconThe complete video lessons.

We use state of the art technology, multiple camera angles, and live view from the photo camera to help you get a better view of the lighting setup and grasp of the workflow process in real time.

Post-production in commercial photography is a MUST.

Without it, your strait-from-the-camera image is far from finished. You may need to remove unwanted dust, spots, stains, scratches, and noise, as well as adjust colors before it’s presentable. Pro-Corner has a large selection of video tutorials on image post-production to get you get started and help you produce professional quality images.

Business listing, leads and help in advertising

business leads_iconPhotigy’s Business Listing aims to bring talented photographers and clients together.

In this Professional Studio Photography Services list, you’ll find photographers who match your needs along with their portfolios and contact details.
On Photigy we have the world’s largest community of studio product photographers, and in this listing you’ll find the best of them. We help each other to deliver outstanding results for our clients, and often we brainstorm complicated shots in private discussion groups.

Working together, we ensure that our customers will get what they want, and even more.

Fully moderated, AD-FREE, members-only community forum.

community_iconIf you are working on a project, shooting for your portfolio, or just practicing and looking for help or feedback you can always count on our professional community! Get help on getting an assignment done ASAP. Ask for help or suggestions on how to better light an object. Discuss studio gear. Find a great DIY solution. And much, much more!!

Question and Answer Webinars

QA_iconYou have questions? We have answers. Just ask!

Alex will be answering your questions via live broadcast.

Premium Studio Photography Online tutorials


Most common questions and answers about Pro Corner interactive program 

Would I have access to the previous assignments so I can see and practice them?

- Yes, any Pro Corner member have unlimited access to all past assignments and can practice on them, submit results for a review and get feedback from an instructor.

Are the premium courses and Pro Corner two different payments? If I become a Pro Corner subscriber do I also get access to those courses or not ?

- No, you won’t get a free access to premium courses when you sign-up for Pro Corner.

Pro Corner is an interactive, assignment-based program and  it is different from all Premium CoursesPro Corner member have 20% discount on all Premium Courses.

Besides assignments, what else Pro Corner member have access to?

- Pro Corner member have access to all tutorials, BTW videos and lessons listed on Pro Corner library. Currently we have over 70 lessons there, and adding new materials every 2 weeks. Add to this an access to a private forum, online webinars and much more – all listed on the section above.

Pro Corner Program

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Studio Photography Assignments

Current Assignment (#19)

Gemstone jewelry photography with 1 light

Assignment #18

It is all about coffee: top down shot

Assignment #17

Using Liquid as a shooting surface in cosmetic photography

Assignment #16

Hight Speed action (powder burst) in Cosmetic photography

Assignment #15

Scent of a Perfume

Assignment #14

Crystal Glass Vase Photography

Assignment #13

Setting and Achieveing Your Goals

Assignment #12

Glass of Beer Photography

Assignment #11

Cosmetic Brush with powder burst

Assignment #10

Fire in studio product photography

Assignment #9

Replicate Your Favorite Photography Style 

Assignment #8

Cutting instruments (sharp and glossy metal) photography 

Assignment #7

Making Simple Things to Look Beautiful: Product Photography Challenge

Assignment #6

Light Painting Technique in commercial studio photography 

Assignment #5

Leather handbag  photography 

Assignment #4

Cosmetic products in commercial studio photography: Lipstick shot 

Assignment #3

Multi-exposure in product and food photography: Learning a Composite Shot  

Assignment #2

Creative Watch Photography  

Assignment #1

Ceramic and Porcelain Photography

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