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Photigy Success Story:

an interview with Liedia van de Mortel

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Liedia van de Mortel is a commercial and product photographer that creates an image that reflects the DNA of your company. She also made still life photography that requires an excellent eye for lighting and reflections. She really found a way to capture every important moment on camera. It is such an honor and we are thrilled to share the results of her work as part of this feature interview of one of the talented photographers.


Hillenraadstraat 4 3077EJ ROTTERDAM
Phone: 06-11144807 | Email: [email protected]

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I started with product photography in 2020. In the years before I only took some photos for my work as a colored pencil artist. I made still lifes where light and reflections played an important role. A few years ago I got physical problems and drawing was no longer possible but I still had the urge to create things. I started taking photographs. I had a Pentax camera over 15 years old with a 28-50mm lens. I started with still lifes and natural light. I followed various videos on Youtube to develop myself. And that’s how I ended up at Photigy  the School of Photography.

On his channel Alex explained with great enthusiasm how to use the light to get an impressive result. This was the information I wanted! But the more films I watched the more I wanted to know. How to use strobes, how to use diffusers and where to put them to get a great result. I had no idea, I had not even seen a studio strobe before in my life so let alone using one or more! It was a challenge. That is when I decided to do the

‘Certification Program’.

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Success Story Interview with Liedia van de Mortel-RGB-BTS

I followed this intensive course of 1 year and learned how to make high-end photos instead of just a nice picture. I learned how to use studio lights to get the best out of the product. But also retouching photos in Photoshop. It was certainly a learning curve for me but Alex explained it all very well in the videos and with the help of my kind and experienced instructor Andrei I improved with each assignment.

I want to enter the product photography market by
specializing in creative product photography. I love splashes, ‘flying’ products or unusual backgrounds. The course gave me the confidence to make high-end photos for clients.

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