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Photigy is the only place where you will learn everything about studio photography AND get professional feedback for your own work. Our instructors are professional photographers who are passionate about their work and committed to help every individual student.

We are a community and we help each other. Join us and you’ll see results in the first week of your membership!

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  • Access to Private Library

    Over 80 tutorials, Courses, BTS from awesome photo-sessions, equipment reviews; we’re adding more every day

  • Critique & Review

    Live online webinars with instructor to review your photos

  • Community Interaction

    Moderated, members-only forum and groups where you can ask for advice, get a suggestion or help

  • Real-time Q & A

    Ask any question on a group forum or chat and get answers from professional photographers and instructors

  • 10% Off on everything on Photigy Store

    Learn at your pace, any time, on any device, and get an extra discount for Photigy e-Store.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Work with professional commercial photographers from around the world

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