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20 Most Interesting Commercial Photographer Blogs

 20 Most Interesting Commercial Photographer Blogs

It is not easy to find behind the scene information of the¬†commercial¬†product¬†and advertising¬†studio photographers, and here I’ve tried to put together a list of photographer blogs where I found some useful info. Not all of them are¬†equally¬†interesting to me, but in each I found some insights of photographer’s process. Things like this were always interesting to me:-)

So, enjoy the reading. Let me know if I’ve missed other cool blogs, post in a comment here, and I’ll update this list. DO not forget to share and bookmark!

Note: order is random




Peter-shafric-commercial-photographer-blog-1 1. Peter Shafrick Blog

Peter Schafrick is a successful still life and digital cinema advertising photographer. He also specializes in liquid photography and blogs about many of the behind the scenes work of his major ad campaigns and projects. Here you will see insights to how a commercial photography assignment is completed as well as inspiring and creative liquid shots. Peter also posts behind the scenes videos of his works.



2. Antfarm Photography Blog

Antfarm Photography is a collaboration of two photographers – David Barowsky and Steven DeVilbiss, who specialize in jewelry photography. In this blog you will gain insights on high end jewelry photography assignments as well as some behind the scenes insights to having a dedicated studio for jewelry photography. Aside from the very clean and crisp photographs, you can gain inspiration from the variety of jewelry pieces this team shoots.


Yuri Acurs

3. Yuri Arcurs Blog

Yuri Arcurs is one of the most stock photographers in the stock photography industry. He was one of the first photographers to make a million dollars on stock photography. In his blog you will find useful information about the stock photography industry as well as how to run a photography business. Arcurs also shares some of the secrets to success as well as tips and tricks on how to make great stock photos.


Michael Indresano

4.Michael Indresano’s Blog

Michael Indresano is a successful commercial photographer with over 20 years of experience. You will find several different types of commercial shots in his blog including, product, food, clothing, and lifestyle  photographs. Michael shares behind the scenes photographs of several of his assignments and if you look close enough you may even find some of the secrets to how he creates his shots.  


Scott M Lacey

¬†5. Scott M Lacey’s Blog

Scott M. Lacey is a successful editorial and commercial portraiture photographer that isn’t afraid to show you his lighting set ups. In each of Scott’s blog posts he first shows you the results then the lighting set up to achieve the results that he used. He also provides a gear list of what he used exactly and provides professional tips on many of his shots. This is a great blog if you are into lighting setups of portraiture ¬†which can also help you in product photography.¬†



6. Peter Belanger’s Blog

 Peter Belanger is a San Francisco based commercial and product photographer who shares several behind the scenes secrets on his assignments on his blog. You can also find DIY rigs, software tips, and other insights in commercial photography.


John Early

7. Early Productions Blog

 John Early is a studio automotive photographer that has been photographing for decades. His clients include Audi, Acura, GMC, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, among several other big name automotive companies. In his blog posts, John goes into detail on how he rigs his auto photography shots and lighting set ups as well as insights on how commercial photographers handle the lighting of large products. Although John specializes in auto photography, he also creates amazing product photography shots as well. 


Attic Fire

8. The Attic Fire Blog

Attic Fire is a studio that specializes in architecture and architectural product photography. In this blog you will not only see amazing architecture and building interiors, you will also see some unique composition and perspectives as well as interesting client requests. In one of their blog posts, the Attic Fire team was commissioned to photograph a Victorian home with an antique 4 x 5 film camera at the owner’s insistence.¬†


Chris Crisman

¬†9. Chris Crisman’s Blog

Chris Crisman is a commercial photographer who specializes in environmental portraiture. His blog gives you a behind the scenes look at many of his unique assignments to capture people in their environments, whether it is at an exotic location or in their Philadelphia studio. Chris goes into detail of each assignment and discusses some of the challenges and victories along the way. 


Matthew Lowery

10. Matthew Lowery’s Blog

Matthew Lowery is a commercial product and still life photographer that not only shows you behind the scenes shots of his upcoming campaigns, but he also has several elaborate blog posts about how to create DIY photography solutions such as building a shutter profiler and building a sequencer to trigger various photography accessories. Matthew also shares many of his advertising still life shots as well as studio lighting set ups.  


DIY Photography

11. DIY Photography

This website is more than a blog, it is a resource for several DIY photography projects and photography news. Some of the DIY projects include, how to make a still life photography  table for $30.00, how to build a Steadicam, and how to build a pvc soft screen. There are several other projects and inspirational articles within this website as well. 


Wonderful Machine

12. Wonderful Machine Blog

Wonderful Machine is a marketing agency that helps commercial photographers connect with potential clients. The Wonderful Machine blogs about real photographer assignments and real insights to challenges and successes they face during large commercial shoots. In this blog you will also find interviews and features of new and upcoming photographers and their projects. 


Epic Mind

13. Epic Mind Studio Blog

Epic Mind Studios specializes in Jewelry photography whose creative director is Vadim Chiline. In this blog you will find tips and tutorials on how to improve focus stacking in jewelry photography, lighting, and other professional tricks to create amazing jewelry images. This blog not only showcases the refined shots of jewelry photography, but also shows you what it takes, in terms of post production, to create the perfectly clean jewelry shots.


Rob Fry

14. Rob Fry’s Blog

Rob Fry is a photographer that specializes in various types of product photography, specifically jewelry and 360 degree product photography. In his blog Rob gives you a behind the scenes look at how he creates several of his shots as well as insights to his current assignments. He also shares some of his more recent advertisement work that is also great.


Bill Cahill

15. Bill Cahill’s Blog

Bill Cahill is a commercial advertisement photographer that has worked for several high profile clients. He specializes in liquid photography and gives you behind the scenes insights on some of his advertisement campaigns in his blog. Bill also creates behind the scenes videos on what it takes to create his amazing liquid images.


Claire Benoist


16. Claire Benoist’s Blog

Claire Benoist is a New York based still life and product photographer that shoots many advertisement based product shots. She is known for her clean and colorful works and her blog provides an avenue for inspiration. The images from her campaigns are posted on her blog and each image contains several interesting elements.


Rob Grimm

17. Rob Grimm Photography Blog

Rob Grimm is not only a successful commercial product photographer, but a furniture designer as well. In his blog you will find behind the scenes video, tutorials, and other photography tips such as how to prepare a professional photography portfolio. In this blog you will also find some amazing inspirational photographs from various ad campaigns.



18. ¬†Derek Cooper’s Blog

Derek Cooper is a commercial studio photographer that provides useful behind the scenes information of his latest commercial works. Derek provides lighting diagrams and insights about his projects and his work is awesome. Derek specializes in food and still life and is based in Canada.


¬†19. Joe McNally’s Blogjoemcnally

Joe McNally is a photography living legend. His commercial photography career has sapnned over 30 years and his assignments took him to over 50 countries. In his blog, Joe gives you a behind the scenes look on his photo assignments as well as provides tips and tricks that he has come to learn through the years. In many articles, McNally writes in depth about issues he has encountered and how he overcame them.



20. Strobist (David Hobby)

David Hobby is a DIY king and is a master lighter. His sight, Strobist.com, is a blog where you can find lighting techniques, such as off camera flash, photography tips, and industry news. If you are a beginner of lighting with flash or a pro, you will find something useful on his site to learn from.



Do you know more cool, useful and interesting blogs where commercial photograohers share insights of their work? Let me know by posting in a coments, I’ll update this list.

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17 responses on "20 Most Interesting Commercial Photographer Blogs"

  1. List of article suggested was useful as professional photographer blogs related to photography is necessary to get information.

  2. Love this list! Starting to check some of these blogs out and finding them helpful. I’m just beginning in product and still life photography (3 months in) and am hungry to learn about lighting set ups. So, thanks! (Find me here: https://www.instagram.com/chrisleininger/?hl=en)

  3. HI good blog links,
    Please also check out my blog, Its a creative product photography blog on work i am currently shooting , so your readers should like it.
    Any feedback is welcome.



  4. nice work admin!! thank you for your post.

  5. I always liked.
    Check it out and me know your feedback about his work.

  6. Is it OK to toot your own horn? If so you might want to check out http://davidmorrisphoto.blogspot.com/.
    It has a lot of behind the scenes images and insights on commmercial food photography and food video projects

    • Nice blog David. Looks like you get to have a bunch of fun in a wonderful studio. :)

      • Joshua, we’ve been very fortunate to own a studio like ours. We surround ourselves with very talented and fun freelancers and vendors. They make us look good and clients appreciate it. Our clients work very hard every day so we like to find ways to entertain and spoil them when they’re here. We sure try to have fun!

  7. Alex, have you worked with Wonderful Machine?

  8. hello sir
    nice one
    what of joe grimes

  9. Great inspirational tips Alex, i’m stuck in these blogs reading and reading :). Thank you Regards From Romania.

  10. Thanks Alex, appreciate the kind words.

  11. always liked Dave Hobby’s blog http://strobist.blogspot.co.uk/ and there are often interesting setup and behind the scenes on McNallys blog too http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/

  12. Thanks for the links Alex!

  13. Wow. Schafrick’s stuff is mind blowing! You missed Peter Belanger. Also, Mark Laita is amazing but I don’t think he has a blog. Thanks for sharing Alex!

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