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3D View Creation For Photographers

February 7th 1Pm PST – Online Webinar with Alex Koloskov

About the webinar

3D View Creation For Photographers

Register for the webinar:

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What will be covered:

  • Gear: turntables review, lighting, light mods.

  • Examples of video creation for 3DView for different objects

  • Real-time work on several 3DView 360° products.

  • Pricing for 3dView creation

  • Q/A

Using 3DView Platform:

Examples of 3dView of various products


What do I need to attend this webinar?

You’ll need the internet connection and latest version of your browser.

Will it be MAC OSX version of Cappasity 3DScan available?

Yes, right now Cappasity team works on porting Windows version of 3DScan to Mac OSX.

How can I ask questions? 

Yes, we will have a chat where you can send your comments and ask questions during the webinar. Online broadcast will be happening on Photigy LIVE page: www.photigy.com/live/

If I miss the webinar, how I can watch it? 

A recorded version of the webinar will be provided to all registered users to download and keep in 2-3 days after the webinar.

Webinar Date & Time

February 7th, 2016 at 1 pm PST

Online: photigy.com/live/

Register for the webinar:

Registration Is Closed

Useful Links

Examples: https://3d.cappasity.com/u/cappasity
Download Free 3dScan software for 3D View  creation: https://www.cappasity.com/build
Free Video sample (to create your fist 360° rotation): https://cdn.cappasity.com/updates/easy3dscan_videosample.mov
Manual: https://cdn.cappasity.com/updates/CappasityEasy3DScan_USER_GUIDE_v5.pdf

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