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7 Inspirational and Educational Photography Videos: February Edition

7 Inspirational and Educational Photography Videos: February Edition


Each month we’ll provide a list of videos that we think would interest product photographers of all levels. Below are the findings for February. Enjoy!

Product Photography Tutorial – Invisible/Ghost Mannequin using Photoshop

by Pro Cap


Ever wonder how you can create an invisible mannequin to hold your shirt or dress so it looks like¬†“The Invisible Person” is wearing it? This video will give you the way they were able to achieve it.

Find more about Pro Cap by visiting their website: http://procap.co.uk/

Product Photography Tutorial – Photographing Hoody with Hood Up – Ghost Mannequin

by Pro Cap

In conjunction with our first video this month is another invisible person mannequin but this time a hooded garment is the subject. By combining the techniques you will be able to get results with just about any garment you are shooting. Hope you find this helpful.

Find more about Pro Cap by visiting their website: http://procap.co.uk/



360 Product Photography: Basic Photoshop Editing (1 of 2)

by Imajize

360 Product Photography: Basic Photoshop Editing (2 of 2)

by Imajize



These two videos illustrate the processes used to create 360 view of a product. This is very helpful¬†when a single view of a product will just not be able to show enough to get the otherwise hidden sides¬†and back of some objects. Some of you should find this a useful way to solve some product shooting for¬†your clients. The “actions” creation described will be most usefull in many other situations.

Find more about Imajize by visiting their website: http://www.imajize.com/

Product Photography and Still Life

by Phillip McCordall



Phil shows some of his methods of obtaining a good product or still life image. He shares his long time experience in the product photography field with those who wish to gain greater skills without making the errors that most new photographers encounter when starting. His easy to understand and sometimes comical instructions are a pleasure to watch as well as informative.

Visit and view Phil’s works here:¬†http://www.mccordall.com/photo/



Photographer of the Year 2012 – Round 4: Still Life results

by PhotoAnswers

The images in this video are to be viewed for inspirational purposes. Do you think you might create an image¬†that would win a competition like this? I don’t know if this contest is still running, but if it is you might¬†try to win it.

Find more about Photo Answers by visiting their website: http://www.photoanswers.co.uk/



Video by conceptual still-life photographer Craig Cutler

by Stockland Martel and Craig Cutler


This is a video that clearly illustrates how the position of your lights influences the eyes perception of the object being shot. It also illustrates the use of colored background and its position to achieve the desired results on the subject.Get some inspiration for your next project with these images.

View Craig Cutler’s portfolio here:¬†http://craigcutler.com/

These videos were collected by Charles Sweigart, a passionate photographer and Photigy reader. We hope to see more collections of cool and interesting things from Charles, and thank you!

About Charles Sweigart:

I am a full time antiques and fine arts dealer and have been for over 35 years. I have loads of my own products to shoot, but after acquiring my first digital camera 14 years ago, I quickly realized how hard it is to capture a fine image result. I am basically self taught, but sought more information on the web to improve my abilities. When searching I discovered Alex Koloskov and Photigy.com. and I was attracted to the quality of information available and shared, as well as the overall friendliness of the community.
While still growing with photography, I seek to assist those who are also seeking to achieve greater skills in product/still life imaging. A skill I acquired while researching art and antiques, was the ability to find sources for published information. Alex asked if I would add my talents to the group and I agreed that this was another way to assist others in their endeavors to achieve better images. I hope that the videos I find will help other photographers to grow, learn and achieve their individual goals.<
The videos found here are chosen to help show and inspire those who watch. Some will also be humorous and some will even show how not to get a good image. I hope those that watch derive some benefit from the viewing

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