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Atlanta Fox Theatre: The Beauty of Live Music and Popcorn

Yesterday we went to the Atlanta Fox Theatre to enjoy the Nutcracker ballet.

We got into the red parking lot near the theater, about one block away from it. Walking down the street we were surprised at how many people came to watch the ballet. It was crowded on both sides of the theater.

It was my first time in the Atlanta Fox Theatre, and my first impressions were “WOW”. The Fox Theatre is¬†gorgeous¬†inside, but not as classy as, lets say, the Opera¬†Theater in Kiev. Still very impressive. I had our¬†little¬†test camera, the¬†Canon EOS M with me, and it let me take quite nice¬†shots¬†in low light:

The performance was great. Special effects, colors and emotional, yet precise dancing. But the most enjoyable for me was the sound. I did not hear a true live sound of classic music for many-many years, and it was just amazing.
We were sitting in the 7th row (G) from the scene, and the sound from the orchestra was mind blowing. Powerful yet gentle, with no amplifiers, dolby surround sound or any other crap sound-enhancing filters, it was filling me with waves of clear sound.

It¬†immediately¬†reminded me of how artificial sound of electronic guitars and other instruments which do not work without electricity could be. I know many won’t agree, but a pure sound from an musical instrument still sounds quite different from its electronic reproduction. This is what my ears tell me:-)

Like I said, the performance was great, and it was in 3D! Yep, without any glasses:-)


What I found surprising was huge boxes with popcorn, one litre Coca-Cola cans and other cultural attributes of hungry¬†stomachs¬†all around in the theatre. I understand how 5 year old kid may have a trouble staying without food for 2 hours, but an adult? In theater,¬†watching¬†classical ballet…
This is one of the unnatural wonders of America, I guess:-)

Regardless of the sea of food all around, it was a pleasure, and I missed that we did not go there earlier. The special effects were great as well, and we even felt snow falling on us when it was snowing in the scene. It was awesome, the kids were happy!


Happy Holidays!


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