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Our first photography workshop: Studio lighting for fashion photography

Our first workshop just happened last Sunday! Hurray!

Atlanta photographer workshop class

Many thanks to all participants, I am sure it was very enjoyable and interesting for all of us:-)
Workshop¬† lasted for 4 hours, during this time we have covered a¬† basic’s of studio gear,shooting techniques, had a master class and¬† an actual photoshoot session for each participant.
At the end we had nice party time:-)

03/04/2010 Update: Lighting setup from the workshop was released.

Short description of  the workshop course:

  • Studio strobe lighting units explained.
  • Camera controls for studio shooting,.
  • Light modifiers: types, sizes and general purpose of each.
  • Lighting setup: from simple one light to complicated 5+ lights fashion-style beauty shot.
  • Gels: when and why to be used.
  • Workshop when each was a model and a photographer, trying to feel the thing¬† from both sides: photographer’s and model!

Like I said earlier, each participant had a chance not only to play with the camera and studio lighting, but also to be a model. Meaning each one got a beautiful photo-set and the end.
Below¬† are three images from the class, first is where we started (one light source + reflector) , the second and third (more to come!)¬† is what we’ve got at the end by improving our lighting step-by step.

Not jealous yet? Look at my students:

workshop studio lighting setup: at the beginig
workshop studio lighting setup: at the beginning
Workshop studio lighting setup: at the end
Atlanta photographer workshop, studio lighting setup: at the end

atlanta photographer workshop fashion example
atlanta photographer workshop fashion example

March 3  Update: Now you can check photos of all our students, taken during the workshop:

The Perfect Photo Blog

We also got a video, which I’ll publish here soon along with more details, lighting schema¬† and pictures soon.

I am really hope to start doing such workshops at least every month. Please feel free to post here your thoughts and ideas of what should we do next time, I’ll be glad to take into consideration everything while creating future workshop plan.
Stay tuned!


6 responses on "Our first photography workshop: Studio lighting for fashion photography"

  1. lack of pure basic knowlage people are asking u sily q.it is every where in world,beacaus there is no institute of
    application of terms in photography,forgive all,thanks

  2. Hi Alex, Great post, i like it specially that part description of the workshop course, its really awesome………..

  3. I like the idea of trying both sides of the coin (photographer & model)!

    Chris Morris
    (Amsterdam, NL)

  4. Hey Alex. Good post. However, for us online readers, I would request you to post a lightening layout for us to see how each picture was shot.

    Thanx and will be following up your posts.

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