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Best Photos From Photigy Community Photographers, Showcase #9

Best Photos From Our Photigy Community and the Thoughts that Inspired Them 


Issue: September РNovember, 2015


Every couple of months we are publishing images from our Facebook Community to show off a great work of our talents and so it could serve as inspiration to others.

Below are some great photos that were shared with us within the last couple of months. We asked each photographer to tell a short story behind the shot. How the image was created. What inspired them to create this shot.

The answers you find will not only surprise you, but we hope they inspire you as well.


Thank You to all who participated and provided insights. Our Community continues to grow and prosper, because of these like minded photographers that are willing to share their processes, insights, and their work. 

Arun HC

Website: www.facebook.com/arunandphotography/

Location: Bangalore, India

About the image

The Ballantines bottle image

I wanted to show the bottle in a subtle play of light, just a hint of light here and there and yet try to show the details.

The Titan Obaku watch

This is my personal watch and i always have found it tough to light a black object in a good way, tried to show the form of the watch and the stark yet simple design in black and white.

I totally love the internet community which helps each other, it is like having friends all over the world with diverse talents and are ready to help.

Kirill Tcipilev (–ö–ł—Ä–ł–Ľ–Ľ –¶–ł–Ņ–ł–Ľ—Ď–≤)

Tabletop portfolio: goodlooksextractor.ru/tabletop
Fine-art portfolio: goodlooksextractor.ru/fine-art

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About the image

I was inspired of great announce of Alex cource “The Diamod Drop”

As I saw this I try to make such a great shot, and do it fast and easy :)
At first I tried to make some upgrade of idea and make combined shot with waved water mirror and splashes both.But it takes too much time in post-production – to combine parts of splash and the reflections of this parts.

Because each shot have different ripples it’s too hard to make picture natural.
I stopped on stage what you can see on “Draft with splashes” picture.

After that I did¬†some experiments with colored gels.¬†“Draft with yellow gel”, see picture for example.

And finally I made simple picture which is posted on Photigy page.

I spend about 4-5 hours on this training.

Brad Smith

Location: Melbourne, Australia

About the image

I wanted to do a personal project, which for some reason I decided to beer even though I don’t even drink it. My inspiration behind this shot was from Rob Grimm’s O’Fallen shot.

At first it was designed to be a simple gradient black background but in the end I decided to comp in a background to make it a little more interesting and atmospheric.

I did shoot this on a few different times as the styling of the beer bottle had to be done in a way that would lessen the effect of the embossing of the lettering (its on all 4 sides of the bottle) reflecting back into the bottle. I had to D&B that in post but it needed to be minimized as well as maintain the bottles glossy surface, AND be able to hold the glycerine. It took some time to get right.

The bottle was styled with inside nappy mixed with water (thanks Gary Winchester and Rob Grimm for that tip) and carefully styled with a chopstick, as well as glycerine mixed with water and spritzed onto the bottle.

I only use continuous lighting so I’d of liked to of got the beer moving but I didn’t have enough speed for that, but did give it a try. So It was just mostly slow fizz had to accept, which was still fine

Alexandre Watanabe

Website: www.facebook.com/EvilWataPage/

Location: S√£o Miguel Arcanjo – SP, Brazil

About the image

The idea behind this image was just to practice lighting, but it turned out very simple and boring (just the glasses and water), so, added food coloring and… It was a bit different, but boring too, and to make it more complex and also compose better the photo (but being simple too), I’ve folded some paper ships and put them into the glasses (actually there was a first one that I’ve used to set the bouced light properly, which is the red one, you can see it because the paper absorved more the water than the other ones). So, the result was more pleasent to the eye, made some post processing (cleaning some dust over the glass and sensor dust spots too).

The light setup is also pretty simple, just a SB-910 behind a white diffusion panel, the glasses was over a piece of glass, and above the camera a piece of DIY white reflector (one for each glass, big enough to bounce the light necessary, but not so big to give a reflection which would be a pain to retouch out), angled to bounce the light coming from the speedlight through the white diffusion panel back to the paper boats. The SB-910 was triggered using the pop-up flash (flagged to don’t cast any harsh and horrible reflection on the glasses).

Jonathan Raho

Website: www.jstudio.it 

Location: Verona, Italy

About the image

The final image was taken during a sequence of burger food photography images. The set was created, prepped and styled in the studio. The overall goal was to create hero images of the burgers, and highlighting the elegance and freshness of the ingredients. Although this particular image was not used in the end i still like it quite a bit.

Photographed on a wood surface, with black paper background, the texture of the background was added later in post. The background was blurred out further to highlight the burger and keep distractions to the minimum.

The ingredients were picked to avoid natural flaws and freshened using a mixture of glucose and water, which is a mix i prepare to use instead of glycerin and water because the drops stand out more in my personal opinion.

2 lights were used in the set up. one mounted with a 60×100 soft box and another with a smaller soft box.

The larger soft box gave nice backlighting as well as side lighting to the burger and drinks behind, and the smaller soft box gave some more direct fill light as well as highlighting the edges of the bottle and glass.

To bring out the details in the front of the image, i used a mirror card to throw light back onto the set in a controlled manner.

Mark Lukens

Website: www.ml-fotografie.nl

Location: Gasselternijveen, Netherlands

I wanted to do something with a light bulb. I saw a photo online of a light bulb lying on a sheet of perforated aluminium. That inspired me to do something like that, but different.


The complete tutorial about making this image is published in our Studio Basics Library* (Studio Basics or Pro Club membership is required)

About the image

I borrowed a couple of perfume bottles from a local perfume shop. One of these was this bottle of Wood perfume. Since the bottle is partially made out of wood I wanted to bring that feeling of wood back into the background and the surface.

First I started with the idea to use firewood as a background. But since I wanted to shoot this in my studio (which is located on the second floor) I soon decided against that idea because of the amount of firewood that I would need to fill the frame. So I was in need of something else to use in the background.

Around the same time that I did this shot I bought a relatively cheap (Falcon Eyes brand) optical snoot. This snoot came with a couple of gobo’s. One of them had the shape of an oak leaf. And than I came up with the idea to use the projection of this leaf in the background, combined with a green color gel to make the leaf green…

Mario Olvera

Website: behance.net/molvera3

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

About the image

I made this composition for practicing my skills and learn new ones.

I think the best way to learn new ways to solve problems is to accept all the constructive criticism you can. Every time i make a image i try to expose it to expert people related to the specific kind of art, that gives me a lot of knowledge every time.

The image was delivered to the client without the background, but i liked the lighting do much on this one that i wanted to go further experimenting with it, so I searched for a warm background that could fit with the image and blurred it to give all the attention to the food getting rid of all distracting stuff that the background could have.

The lighting was done with 3 modifiers and a reflector, the first one and for the backlight i used a 60x90cm softbox from behind at 45¬į from the top/left, the second light was a 90x60cm at 90¬į from right behind, and the third one was a 80cm octabox to fill lights at 45¬į under the food, then i used a reflector the closest as possible to the camera to fill shadows with light bounces from difusers and to give more reflections from this side of the shot.

Avrohom Perl

Website: www.avrohomperl.com

Location: New York, NY, USA

About the image

This strange but wonderful piece of silver is a ‘Megilla case’. A Megilla is a long roll of parchment read by Jewish people during the holiday of Purim. The client in this case was an organisation running a Chinese Auction, they are raffling this and other pieces of silver and they needed photos for their book. They gave me the creative freedom to shoot the photos however I wanted.

I have shot silver in the past on a white background. Round and reflective silver on white is a pain, especially when they are very very large pieces. I recently looked at a silver catalog where the photos were shot on grey and I really liked it.

The only lighting photo is from another piece I shot at the same time. The lighting for this photo was a softbox overhead, and a pop of light from the right side with the octa I think, I cannot really remember. The white card bounced the overhead light back into the bottom. Not pictured is another light with a grid on the background.

Dawn Meier

Website: www.dawnmeierphotography.com

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

About the image

I’m an architectural and interiors photographer, from Kelowna, BC, Canada.

It gets a little slow in the winter so I thought I’d start learning about product photography.  I bought a membership to Photigy, and starting watching the tutorials and following the Facebook page.

I watched the Splash video, and it looked like it would be fun to try.  In one of the challenge critiques I saw an image by Maja of milk in a jar with a black background, which gave me an idea. The milk and cookies image was my first-ever attempt at splash photography, and my second product shot.

I used two strip lights with Yungnou flashes, another with a snoot pointing at the milk, and a white card reflector.  Nikon D600, Tamron 90 Macro.

Bob Lewis‚Äé

Website: www.boblewisphoto.com


Khader A Bandak‚Äé

Website: www.facebook.com/Kh.Bandak

Location: Bethlehem, Palestine

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  1. Wonderful selection of images, I find these very inspirational, thank you for posting, my fave image is the cookies and milk.

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