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Best Photos From Photigy Community Photographers, Showcase #11

Best Photos From  Photigy Students and the Thoughts that Inspired Them 


Issue: February – May, 2016


Every couple of months we are publishing images from our Facebook Community to show off a great work of our talents and so it could serve as inspiration to others.

Below are some great photos that were shared with us within the last couple of months. We asked each photographer to tell a short story behind the shot. How the image was created. What inspired them to create this shot.

The answers you find will not only surprise you, but we hope they inspire you as well.


Thank You to all who participated and provided insights. Our Community continues to grow and prosper, because of these like minded photographers that are willing to share their processes, insights, and their work. 

Bertl Menegoni ‚Äé

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Website: menegoni.photography

About the image

When I started shooting this watch I wanted to use the cone as usual.  But I found the lighting was too soft for this tough watch. So I made a new setup with hard light.
To match the orange color of the hands I decided to put a slight blue cast to the picture.


The droplets are made like usual, a mix of 50/50 glycerin and water.


But the face needs to be free of droplets. So I shot it first without droplets and the second shot with droplets.  The first attempt with the droplets went fine. Combined it with Photoshop and I was happy with the results.

Kevin Sharpe‚Äé

Location: Waterhouses, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom

Website: ksfoto.co.uk

About the image

This image I took was for the Studio challenge #10 wide angle Photography, I came up with the idea when I was in the supermarket searching for something to shoot and saw this bottle of honey with a picture of a bee on it.

I thought I could light it from behind to really show the honey off and then add bees in post production, but when I came to shoot it, I found when I placed a piece of gold card behind and lit this with a 20 degree gridded reflector sufficient light bounced back and shone through the honey to get the effect I was looking for. I added a spot of light from a gridded snoot to the label and that was basically the shot.

I then wanted to add the bees, now I’ve been doing composites for many years on different things and I came across a great website called Pixelsquid that lets you download 3D images strait into photoshop, so I searched for some bees and added them to the shot. I spent several hours removing all the defects from the bottle including hundreds of tiny air bubbles within the honey.

I did get a bit of feedback when I posted this on the Facebook page about the bees being too big, too small, bad reflections etc, so I took these comments and came up with this final image.

Bradley Skaggs

Location: New York, New York

Website:  bradleyskaggs.com

About the image

This show was for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. One of their brand marks is a diamond which influenced the arrangement of the lipsticks.

The lipsticks were arranged on a sheet of clear plexiglass that was approximately 18″ off the floor. On the floor was a sheet of white plexiglass with a two screens and strip soft boxes located on either side. The left side was aimed more a the floor and the right side slightly higher to bring in a bit of side lighting. Above was placed a beauty dish to fill in the top light and highlights. By having the bottom surface clear, light was able to fill in between each tube.

This was shot with a Canon 5dM2 with a Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens pointing down on the setup.

Rinat Karimov

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Website: facebook.com/RinatKarimovPhotographer

About the image

In this photo, I wanted to illustrate summer, rich colors and much of light. That was the main reason of creating the scheme for a light picture. Undoubtedly, key light has been coming from contrast (backlight) that, in turn, beautifully processed colored lenses and demonstrated exquisite reflection.

Matt Oracal was chosen as a base, and while intersecting with backlighting under proper angle it reflected a silver-white color. I’m sure most will agree, I really wanted to capture the best shot at once and maximally avoid any photo edits.

I wanted to show the life of a picture, it’s uniqueness. For creating bright colors I used color filters of a backlight source, those covered all necessary snapshot areas.

The third stage was the selection of a modeling light direction. I decided to use back-diagonal light through the milky acrylic, that gave me a light flare in the lenses reflection.

The fourth stage ‚Äď temples backlight. Here the final image left to be taken. Stacking of thirteen shots, F8, 1/160 seconds.

Jo√£o Guerreiro

Location: Lima, Per√ļ

Website: www.joaoguerreirophotography.com

About the image

This editorial was part of an annual food catalogue for a wholesale retail company. As they were targeting professional clients (chefs, restaurants, caterers), I suggested an editorial mood for all the divisions and cover.

After a few meetings with the client and the art director, we were trying to figure out if we should present raw or cooked products, so I thought of working side-by-side images, both raw and cooked, as this approach would help the client reach their target.

After a lot of trial and error (and a huge amount of patience) we managed to accomplish the concept we were aiming for.

The lighting was based on two gridded strobes (one of them behind a translum diffusor) and two softboxes as fill lights. I usually go for deeper shadows on this kind of editorials, but the client’s main request since the beginning of the project was to avoid dark shadows, as they are a retail company and impact large market segments. That is why I added to the lighting setup two softboxes on sharp angles to lift up the shadows a bit.

It was a great assignment and a huge challenge to create this catalogue (more than 500 food photography images). Once the prints were handed out, the client feedback was great, and they recently assigned us another annual catalogue of more than 1200 photos!

This couldn’t be achieved without the huge inspiration and help from Alex and all of the Photigy community!

Kurt Moore

Location: New York, USA

Website: creativeproductphotos.com

About the image

The way I do the lightpainting technique is to expose multiple images from the overall scene, so I’m actually painting a very small part of the scene in each exposure.

This allows me to change how I’m moving the light or the light modifier that I’m using so that each area of the subject. You can change the direction that the light is coming from as well as the quality of the light, whether it is hard or softer. You can also highlight certain areas more or less very easily by how much exposure is given to an area.

In the example below of the cameras I took a total of 41 exposures and combined a total of 24 of these exposures to come up with the finished example.

By doing it this way you have complete control over the final image.

Radu Olteanu

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Website: www.pixelback.eu

About the image

The story starts from the product itself. It is an oriental perfume, made in Dubai. It is a fragrance for true gentlemen, strong and self-aware and no doubt that will captivate your imagination with oriental touches.

The shoot was made in my studio and the concept was to frame the main gentleman signature accessories.

The picture depicts an exquisite, elegant mix of elements that create a British, aristocratic mood.

Arun H.C.

Location: Bangalore, India

Website: www.facebook.com/arunandphotography/

About the image

This image came about when i decided i need to change the backgrounds of my bottle images from either black or white, so used a brushed aluminium board for the background, bottle shot separately and the background shot along with the bottle to have the reflections of the bottle on the background
Have improved a lot in refining my skills from photigy members and i am thankful for that
Equipment used:
Canon 6D
Canon 24-105 f4 lens
Photoshop CS6

Max Bridge

The splashes for the image were taken from the “Splash Pack“, which I am loving using! Thanks Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova.

Another great image from Max. You can read more about the image in this article

Alexandre Wantanabe

Location: S√£o Miguel Arcanjo ‚Äď SP, Brazil

Website: 500px.com/evilwata

About the image

This image came into my mind and decided to shoot it. Just a SB-910 through a white diffusion material and two white cards to bounce some light back and triggered with the pop-up flash.

Another great image by Alexandre

Svetlana Trifonov

Location: Boston, MA

Website: www.svetagraphicsphoto.com

About the image

This shot was not planed. I was testing my new Nikon lens (Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D) with no set up. I set on the couch in my studio under the sky
light about 11am, camera (Nikon D5300) hand held and MAC lipstick as my subject.

After checking the images I loved how sharp they ware and just didn’t want to dump them, so I moved on to Photoshop.

‚ÄúSexy on the the edge‚ÄĚ is the creative direction I decided to go with. I¬†wanted¬†lipstick to be suggestive, but in a tasteful, subtle, artsy way. I also¬†wanted it to¬†feel dynamic.
First I clipped the lipstick and cap out, then added highlights and shadows by using channels and masks. To get the bulging look: first I duplicated lipstick and cap to be able to manipulate it into multiple different shape versions, and then reshaped it with the Topaz Lens Effects filter. To get lipstick to squirt up I used splashes that I bought from Alex in the Photigy store.

Finally, I tested a few different colors for the background Рyellow and white looked best to me.

Dima Rizhov

Mirza Hasanefendic

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