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Kids fashion photoshot: Arctic dusk in the studio. Part1

Little girl fashion photoshot atlanta
Little girl fashion photoshot atlanta

Last week we did our second photo-shot for All Koval, talented children fashion designer we have such nice collaboration with.
This time we shot Hand knit baby coat,  a beautiful white coat with a cute bear face on a shoulder. Our daughter Lilia fell in love with it it instantly!

I had a hard time to think how we can prop the studio for that polar bear outfit, and, as it usually happens, the idea came up just in one hour prior to the shoot:

White pyramids, made from old background roll paper, supported by a little diffuser holder arms suppose to work as an ice rocks, all staged on a white background of an arctic desert.
I’ve used color gels to make those icy “rocks” blue and orange, the colors of polar dusk (at least this is how I imagine it:-) The whole setup was doe in 1 hour, 30 minutes from it I spent fighting with my CyberCommander and remote receivers; for some reason some of them were dropping the connection, other did not want to adjust lights to it’s minimum power…  At this point I am really close to give up with Paul C Buff remotes and go to something more reliable.

The lighting setup looked like this:

atlanta photographer photigy lighting setup kids fashion photography

Number 4 (AB 400)  is hanged there to highlight a background, with some spill from it was used as a hair light (kids are small enough to catch that spill). Also, knowing that the kid  won’t stay on the “sweet spot” of the composition, I wanted to have as wide as possible light spread from top light on to cover maximum area on the stage.

Numbers 5 and 3 (WL X1600) were working  as a side/hair lights: I have to highlight model with narrow angle to show the texture of the knitted coat.
Small stripbox was used on the left because the main light, number 6 (WL 800) was also on the left: meaning I need narrow spread from that back light .

Lights 1 and 2 (AB400&800) was used to get colors on those 2 pyramids through the honeycomb grind and color gels.

Now, the outcome:

Studio fashion photography atlanta photigy Alex Koloskov

photography fashion style studio atlanta ga
Photography fashion style studio Atlanta Ga
Little girl fashion photoshot atlanta
Little girl fashion photoshot atlanta
Alla Koval knitwear closeups
Closeup shot

Kids fashion photoshot alla koval book by photigy

alla koval fashion photography by photigy

As you see, we got some cool effects when our model went away from the main light, and colored light start hitting her.

Enjoy behind the scene video for the shoot:

More of the images from the photo-shot is on our post-production blog, plus, BEFORE and AFTER roll-over images: I know you would like to see what we did in post production to make them look so nice:-) here it is: PerfectPhotoBlog.com

This is part one,  the second photoset for Alla Koval is in production, will be posted here soon. If you do not want to miss it, make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or email updates.

Camera gear:

Lighting, light modifiers and accessories:

Exposure specification: shutter speed 1/250 sec, F8, ISO 100



7 responses on "Kids fashion photoshot: Arctic dusk in the studio. Part1"

  1. Как повезло родителям иметь такую симпатичную модель :) Отличные фотографии. Очень доступные материалы, огромное спасибо! Я вот жду свой комплект света, но у меня это для мобильности родные 580-е пыхи (3 шт.), покетвизардовские синхронизаторы, ластолайтовские софтбоксы к ним, снуты, соты, гели… Можно бдует задавать впоросы по ходу освоения света и если да, то где удобнее? МОжет завести отдельную тему вроде вопроса-ответа, что бы в основных постах не флудить не по теме?!

    • Вообще я купил всё это что бы снимать своих двух деток. Для души. Но хочется перфекционизма и удобства :) Должно мне хватить 3-х источников света для съемки 2-х деток и иногда для оттачивания навыков каких-нибдуь абстрактных натюрмортов. ПО-началу из простых геометрических фигур для понимания природы света :)

    • Thank you, Eugenio.
      Will be glad to answer any of your questions here. BTW, I really like you idea about separate “sticky” topic dedicated to questions and answers… Creating such post right now:-)

      Will stay in touch:-)

  2. Great lighting setup… The final shots look great… the bear sweater is amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing ! Nice and clean photography. That little girl looks like an angel…

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