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Meet KaSSandrA: Metaphysical space from Elena Vizerskaya

…I want what I see, and I see what does not exist… ~Elena Vizerskaya

Her name Elena Vizerskaya, and many people know her by nickname KaSSandrA. She lives in Kiev (BTW, my hometown:), but sometimes I feel like she lives somewhere else, in some other “metaphysical space” (this is how she names it).

Her work is amazing and truly inspiring. I can only wish you know Russian and can read her blog: each composition was a projection of  Elena’s emotions, dreams or fantasies.

More about Elena at the end of this article. Enjoy!


Lets dive into Kassandra’s universe:



More about Elena Vizerskaya:


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5 Responses on Meet KaSSandrA: Metaphysical space from Elena Vizerskaya"

  1. Scott Abernethy says:

    Amazing. Just so beautiful, creative and expressive. Such beautiful graphics are so inspiring but at the same time makes me want to stop making images because I know I can never come close to such brilliance. I often feel this way, when I look at such works. Awe inspiring.

  2. maxim dupliy says:

    Fantastic work, But if it was as is just out of camera without PS it would be gorgeous.

  3. charles sweigart says:

    And to think, I used to take hallucinogenic drugs to have dreams like this. This trip is so much more legal.

  4. Edmundo Hernández says:

    Beautiful, just amazing work.

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