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Meet KaSSandrA: Metaphysical space from Elena Vizerskaya

…I want what I see, and I see what does not exist… ~Elena Vizerskaya

Her name¬†Elena Vizerskaya, and many people know her by nickname¬†KaSSandrA. She lives in Kiev (BTW, my hometown:), but sometimes I feel like she lives¬†somewhere¬†else, in some other “metaphysical space” (this is how she names it).

Her work is amazing and truly inspiring. I can only wish you know Russian and can read her blog: each composition was a projection of¬† Elena’s emotions, dreams or fantasies.

More about Elena at the end of this article. Enjoy!


Lets dive into Kassandra’s universe:



More about Elena Vizerskaya:


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5 responses on "Meet KaSSandrA: Metaphysical space from Elena Vizerskaya"

  1. Amazing. Just so beautiful, creative and expressive. Such beautiful graphics are so inspiring but at the same time makes me want to stop making images because I know I can never come close to such brilliance. I often feel this way, when I look at such works. Awe inspiring.

  2. Fantastic work, But if it was as is just out of camera without PS it would be gorgeous.

  3. And to think, I used to take hallucinogenic drugs to have dreams like this. This trip is so much more legal.

  4. Beautiful, just amazing work.

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