Photigy Live Hangout without Rodeny Pike

Photigy Live: Without Rodney, just a talk and few important announcements

Hurricane was never a good thing, especially if it goes through the area you live. Yesterday Rodney Pike was not able to join us on the announced Photigy Live Google plus hangout: Isaac hit Louisiana and I can only hope that Rodney and his significant ones are doing well. The same hope I have for all people affected by hurricane.

I did not have plan “B” for the hangout, but did not want to cancel it either, and we talked with Noah Katz, Steve Savoie and James Davidson. I wish more people would join, but they did not (invitation was open for about 1000). Which means I do not have right guys in my circles. Chime in if you want to be included into my hangout circle and if you are in the right time zone. I know many of you would love to be on a hangout, but not many can do it in the middle of the night:-)

Anyway, here is our one hour talk, enjoy:-)

Photigy LIVE Hangout video


Here is an outline of the  announcements  I did during the hangout:

  • We are moving PHOTIGY Live hangouts to Thursday 10PM EST. Wednesday is too busy for me and Thursday will work better. Hope it won’t make big difference for Photigy readers.
  •  New online course is coming, it will be free to enter, but limited to only 15 participants. The course will be about studio tabletop photography for beginners. Watch for updates and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first who will receive the offer to join the course, the form is on the right sidebar.
  • Only 10 days left for the “Starting in studio Photography: the Equipment”  course. Do not miss it if you struggling with what gear to buy for your studio. This cource will save your time and money.
  • Do not forget about our weekly assignment, next Thursday (yep, not Wednesday) we’ll be discussing it.
  • Only one day left for our “HDR Post-Processing contest“, do not miss it!


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