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Recent liquid shots: Passion Flower and Milky iPhone

Recipe is simple:

Get good amount of inspiration, mix with few cups of curiosity and roll it on tick layer of experience. Then add few drops of luck and stir hard with passion. At the end let it cool for a few hours and check the result. If not satisfied, repeat everything.
Serve with exciting:-)


Liquid flower

You’ll be surprised, but this silver splash is a by-product… The actual targeted for the shot was the next one, iPhone:

Milky iPhone


Behind the scene will be following…  


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3 responses on "Recent liquid shots: Passion Flower and Milky iPhone"

  1. Great Alex. I’m watting your Behind the scene.

    thank you!

  2. Great work Alex! I love your work and enjoy it very much.

    Very creative work.

    Thank You.


  3. Really amazing shots. The iPhone shot is the best iPhone picture i have ever seen. Great work Alex!

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