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Studio Photography Insights: Hand Tool shot

Shooting tools is a very wide piece of a tabletop product photography, and approach is different for each subject type. Glossy wrenches, sockets and knives are more like a jewelry, benefiting from soft gradient reflections and diffused lighting. Motorized plastic tools looks great under sharp rim lighting on the edges, etc, etc.

We got many different shots submitted, and we covered many of them during our critique session. Like I promised, I’ll be providing feedback on the rest of the submission on the forum.

Below are the best submissions (yeah, I’ve included our shot a well, call it self-elected. I know when my image is good and when it is bad.)

Hand Tool Gallery: Studio Tabletop Photography Assignment


The video from our G+ hangout:

Now, the news and updates which I announced on a hangout:

  • We got our first sponsor for the show, B&Hpotovideo.com, the best online store for photo-video professionals in US. I mean it, they are the best.This means we’ll have prizes for every bi-weekly assignment winners, either a gift cards or pieces of studio equipment. We are going to think through the process of nominating the winners and further updates will be posted soon. What this means for those who decided to take a challenge and work on the next assignment?Besides expected proud from yourself, you have a good chance to add great pieces of studio equipment to your set. Just be more creative, work thoughtfully when implementing the idea and you’ll get a good chance to become a winner!Do not think about what you do not have for the shot, think how to use what you’ve got! :-)
  • The next Assignment is a Funny and humorous Silverware shot.
    We are trying to give more strict requirements to simulate a commercial assignment, when client ask for a very particular shot, while leaving room for creative ideas and unusual approaches for the shot.Whatever you’ll be doing, always make sure to hit both goals of the assignment: technical and creative.
    Please submit your work not later than Wednesday 27 of June 3PMEastern time (-5GMT). We need a time to review and select a nominees. The winner will be selected during the hangout.Submit your work on the forum: Silverware shot. You have 2 weeks, so no excuses about limited time: go for the best what you can do or do not bother yourself :-)

Good luck to everyone!


1 responses on "Studio Photography Insights: Hand Tool shot"

  1. Alex,
    Please revise the misspelled sponsers address to B&Hphotovideo.com The current name is a broken link. Got to keep the sponsers happy you know! :^)

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