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Studio Photography Insights: The book shot

It was an unusual assignment (it is hard to call a book a product, thee are no AD-shot of the book itself), and I must say that I was slightly surprised by the submissions. Surprised by considerable amount of blood on the shots as well as strong religious motives :-) In any case, it was an interesting experience.

Here are the submissions:

Weekly Studio Assignment Results

[scrollGallery id=13]

Studio Photography Insights Video:

Lighting setups and behind the shot info is on the corresponded forum thread: The book shot


The next week assignment is:

An AD-style shot of audio speakers. It can be headphones or large floor towers, but the shot should be an interesting, and telling story. I repeat this again and again, that a good product photographer has to do more than just a perfect product shot. Catalog work is boring, and lets go one step higher and create an advertisement shot. Besides everything, AD-job many time better paid than any other product photography routine shots.


Here is the forum submission page. Note: please add your name to the image you submit. It can be a small corner watermark or image’s filename can contain your name. This way I can tell who’s image is this during the review.

1 responses on "Studio Photography Insights: The book shot"

  1. Hello Alex,
    I am deciding to go back to photography again almost after 25 years. but, exact opposite of the type of photography i was doing those days, I am thinking about to start product photography. I have got a Canon 5d mark2 which is not the best (i already know) and my original plan was to go for D800 and it just didn’t happened. Now, its days, i am searching for a decent set of strobe flash lighting. My heart goes for Paul C. Buffs ABs sets of 5 or if the budget let me, may be one of those incredible Einsteins. Then I go to the other sites and see cheaper strobe set of three 500WS, all for $1000 with softbox , umbrella , stands…
    I am always looking for something i can rely on for long time. (which i did opposite on Camera!!!!!)
    I have been following your work from long time ago and today I asked myself why you dont ask alex?.
    Please give me some advice. Please tell me some pros and cons of Alien bees.

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