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Studio Photography Insights with special guest: Bill Cahill

This is one of the most interesting hangouts, as we have Bill Cahill joined us. This guy is brilliant, and completely open on sharing his techniques and insights of the business. He is one of the best advertisement product and liquid photographers, working with Coca Cola, BP, V8 and many other recognizable brands.


To learn more about Bill’s work, Check out his portfolio (www.bill-cahill.com) and his blog.
Thank you Bill, I appreciate you joining us.

Studio Photography Insights #9:

Our next weekly assignment

will be a beer shot. An advertisement style photo: we should create image not only technically¬†perfect, but also creative enough to actually sell the product. Imagine that we’ll be shooting for a new brand in a beer industry, and nobody knows it yet.
It can be a pouring beer, splashing beer, beer in a glass or in a bottle.  Anything will work, anything creative and interesting to look at:-)

As usual, please submit your results on the forum: The beer shot

Last week assignment results:

[scrollGallery id=3]

Technical info for each shot is here.


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  1. hi
    Im mohamad jangjooy i living in iran im taking shot and making movie and clip cause i living this country i couldnt buy your lesson can you send me some simple of your lessons i loveeee your work
    thnx alotttttttt

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