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The most important gear to start in studio photography – online webinar

Hi guys,
There is a brilliant idea cam from Yazan Tawaha, a member of Sb about a forum topic and a webinar where Photigy experts can review what gear photographer already have and suggest what needs to be replaced and purchased additionally.
We got a list of your photo gear (camera, lenses, tripods/grip and lighting with light mods here, on this SB forum topic.

In this webinar Alex Koloskov went through all topics and discussed the list of gear – what is cool, and what is waste, and what is to be in a shopping list.

Photigy LIVE webinar

Recorded version os ON AIR event from 08/24/2015
Q&A Webinar: List your gear and we’ll discuss what do you need to buy next

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5 responses on "The most important gear to start in studio photography - online webinar"

  1. I really needed this! Thank you, Alex!

  2. What is the black piece on top of the pin. Looking for other options for table top. Bought the Ikea stuff but the white in green/blue and the black has lines in it.

  3. I don’t understand the comment. Simple English would be of great help.
    Thanks, Ron

  4. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for taking time for this wonderful webinar. Was very informative.

  5. This I consider one of the best discussions you have ever done Alex as there are so many ideas that people can get from it.

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