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The Ultimate Lighting to Photograph Flowers in Studio

The Ultimate Lighting to Photograph Flowers in Studio

I’ve got something cool for you this time. It may seem impractical, but this is just the beginning:-)
Recently I got a Broncolor power pack and started playing with various light modifiers in the studio.

One of the very first shots was done using a thing calledĀ Broncolor Optical Spot Attachment forĀ Pulso/Unilite/Promo Heads. Ā It looks like this:



Such a pattern creates a quite unique look on any textured subject. Watch the video from the shot:

Broncolor Optical Modifier in Action:


And what it does is this:

It projects whatever you put inside, creating a cool pattern/picture on any surface, including the subject’s.

Pattern Projection

Water-splash_photography-Test-projector4505 1


Here are a few more shots from this test photo shoot. I used a water sprayer to add theseĀ littleĀ droplets:

Now I am going to create more gobos for it and use it in product/jewelry shots. Are youĀ interested in building a DIY rig like this for less expensive lighting? If yes, please make sure to capture a video and/or many shots during theĀ creationĀ process. A DIY build like this will beĀ nominatedĀ to Photigy featured for sure!


Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer.
Thank you!

6 responses on "The Ultimate Lighting to Photograph Flowers in Studio"

  1. Great technique Alex.

    A good approach for the Light Blaster as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Alex, the same story – can’t access the video, says I need to be a member which I am…

  3. Since you showed it at the lasts Q&A session I have been thinking about how to use it in my photography. Also how to create one myself. What focal length do you think the projector lens needs to be? For me I would want to get the projections sharp and in focus I think.

  4. Looks very interesting, if you don’t mind sharing its principle of work I’m sure I can duplicate the functionality in any other lighting mount.

  5. Hi Alex
    what did you use for the drops?
    Thanks, Stefano

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