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Polarized Light Jewelry Photography Workshop

Learn Polarized Light In Jewelry Photography with this online workshop – Your Opportunity To Become a Lighting Magician :-)

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Light Painting for Jewelry Photographers, The Course

This course is for jewelry photographers, and it is about light painting technique that you can use in your jewelry photography work. After taking this course photographer will know how to create stunning artistic jewelry images with a single light. Unlike with most jewelry and product photography, there are no light modifiers that will be needed: we did not use softboxes, diffusers or reflectors for this course. Only a camera with a macro lens, LED light and a few other DIY things were used to create the images for this course.

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New Release: Royalty-Free stock splash images (Photigy exclusive!)

Want to add WOW effect to your photography? We are excited to announce the new product we released on Photigy today: two packages of exclusive splashes!

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Creative Jewelry Photography Webinar

Learn how to create dramatic jewelry images, join Alex Koloskov on this online workshop. Watch in real-time how Alex will create a stunning picture of this necklace. Workshop includes a full post-production video tutorial that will be delivered (recordings) after the webinar. Also, everyone will receive recorded videos from this workshop.

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