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Announcement: No More Advanced Tutorials on Photigy. We go basics!

Time for tough decisions

Some very tough decision was made, and from now on we will concentrate on basics of photography. What we have on Photigy now is way too advanced, and we are going to take them away in 24 hours. 

This video explains everything:


It was April 1st joke:) see another video published next day.

6 responses on "Announcement: No More Advanced Tutorials on Photigy. We go basics!"

  1. “That conflict might lead to mental issues – psychotherapy might be needed after that … ” Alex you made my day, brilliant :D

  2. First, I’m very sad that this is happening. Going from providing the extremely unique content you offer to content I can find thousand other places will be a serious loss to the photo community.

    However I do have a few questions. Basically the reason I purchased without being provided a downloadable video, the unlimited access, is worthless now? Because like most people I have to work, there is no way that with 24 hours warning I can complete the courses I’ve paid for prior to the deletion of them. They aren’t downloadable. So my investment just goes away. I find this a fairly unacceptable solution and an extremely poor customer service practice.

    Second, I’m three months into my Pro Corner membership. As a hobby photography since the late 1980’s, what do I get from my Pro Corner membership from now on? If I choose to discontinue due to Photigy changing the content I paid for, do I get refunded for the half month that I’ve currently paid for but will be unable to use because the content I need is no longer there?

    If you are going to do this, there should be a way for those of us that purchased our content to save it. i.e. a download, etc…

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