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Online Store For Photographers

Stock Images, Courses and classes for commercial studio photographers

Certification programs for commercial photographers

Complete Guide To Product Photography Course

This program is for you if you are a:

 ✔ Wedding photographer and have experience in wedding photography, but are losing profits due to competition from amateurs and low-fee photographers entering the market.

 ✔ Product Photographer already working in this market and have local clients, but do not have experience working with larger ad agencies and brands.

 ✔ Small Business Owner who wants to set up a mini-studio in your office and learn photography well enough to take good pictures of your merchandise that will sell?

 ✔ Amateur photographer who loves photography, but does not know how to turn your hobby into a profitable and sustainable business.

Advanced Photography Courses

Courses listed below are not included in Pro Club. Pro Club members have an additional 20% off discount

Photography Courses - Jewelry photography

Photography Courses (Downloadable videos)

  • basic-for-cgi-artists_box

    Basic photography for CGI artists and 3D for photographers

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  • Conceptual-Watch-Photography_box

    Conceptual Advertising Watch Photography

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  • //www.photigy.com/shop/basic-photography-for-cgi-artists-and-3d-for-photographers/?add-to-cart=436230

    How to Start, Survive & Make Money as a Photographer

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  • interior-photography-for-professionals-from-a-to-z-box

    Interior Photography for Professionals – from A to Z

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  • Introduction-to-CGI-for-Photographers-with-Cinema-4D-box

    Introduction to CGI for Photographers with Cinema 4D

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  • Photorealistic-Jewelry-Visualization-in-3DS-Max-box

    Photorealistic Jewelry Visualization in 3DS Max (CGI & Post-Production)

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  • Post-production-Course-for-Product-Photographers-and-Retouchers-box

    Post-production Course for Advertising Photographers and Retouchers

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  • Product-Photography-with-a-Shooting-Tent

    Product Photography with a Shooting Tent (Downloadable)

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  • //www.photigy.com/shop/studio-lighting-and-natural-sunlight-in-3ds-max-cgi/

    Studio Lighting and Natural Sunlight in 3DS Max (CGI & Post-Production)

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  • thayer.photos.ca@gmail.com

    The Basics of Commercial Food Photography

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  • Commercial AD

    The Magic Behind Advertising Photography (downloadable)

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  • Mejor-Bundle-box

    The “Mejor” Project, 3 course bundle

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  • The-Mejor-Project,-Part-2-A-Commercial-Beverage-Photography-box

    The “Mejor” Project, Part 2: A Commercial Beverage Photography

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  • Mejor-Project-Part-1-A-Commercial-Beverage-Photography-box

    The “Mejor” Project: A Commercial Product Photography Process from Concept to Delivery

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Stock Images for Product Photographers

  • Chocolate on White Background Stock Images

    Chocolate On White Splash Package

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  • Milk on Black splash stock package

    Milk On Black Splash Package

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  • Milk on White splash stock package

    Milk On White Splash Package

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  • Oil Splashes On White Stock Images Collection

    Oil On White Splash Package

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  • Solid Paint Splash Photo

    Solid Paint Splash Package

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  • Transparent Splash Package

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